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About Alco Halfway House, Inc.

     Alco Halfway House, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation that provides a recovery housing program for men and women who have made a commitment to living a life free of alcohol and drugs.  This program was founded in 1967 and is overseen by a board of trustees with Josh Portie as President, and Doug Jones as Executive Director.  Out staff is comprised of individuals with years of recovery who are personally devoted to helping others overcome the hopeless state of mind and body that accompanies chronic substance abuse.

     A family type group home, free of substance abuse, provides the foundation needed by these men and women in early recovery.  The stability enables the client/resident an opportunity to rebuild their life.  Our organization provides for the basic needs such as food, shelter, companionship, etc. removing stress factors and allowing the emotional stabilization of the afflicted.

     After admittance to the program, and a 1 – 2 hour consultation, (intake fee is required to defer administrative costs), the client/residents first step is dormitory housing.  This provides a structured, supervised environment to the newly recovered person.  Later, after an appropriate amount of time in our program, (determined on a case by case basis), 3/4 way housing is available.  In this setting residents share a single family home, still under supervision and attending mandatory 12-step meetings, moving one step closer to eventual independent , clean & sober living.

     Our program is designed to be self supporting through weekly service fees paid by our client/residents.  However, many of the women & men suffering from this problem often arrive to us with little or no financial resources, and we get no city or state funding.  So, we still need outside help!  We do receive clothing, food, basic need and cash donations from local caring individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of those that need help.  Today more than ever, we need the financial assistance of humane and community minded citizens to continue this work.

     Our current fees are but a small fraction of those charged by recovery and treatment facilities in the profit minded health coorporations of America.  Our fees for each week of housing include meals, employment coaching, support groups and peer counseling.  Also included, at no additional cost, are resource counseling, laundry facilities, cable television, drug testing, telephone access, and fellowship events.  To be of further assistance, the individual in need receives an often life saving series of 12-step based recovery seminars.  These peer sessions deal with the basic fundamentals of recovery and the beginning of a new way of life.

     If you are in a position and of a mind to be of service to others please contact us by phone, mail.

Your tax-deductible contribution could make a real difference to an individual in need and to the community.

House Manager: Ms Angel King Martens (904) 355-1334